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Download Free Virtual Front Panel Software for 4540

Posted April 17, 2012

Virtual Front Panel (VFP 4540) Software is a freeware that fully controls Boonton’s 4540 RF Power Analyzer remotely via TCP/IP. It is ideally suited for RF Power monitoring. The actual display of the 4540 power meter is shown as part of the virtual front panel. High speed data exchange provides a virtually real-time update rate.

If a large display size is required, the screen can be switched to 4540 display only. This is great for trainings or if the monitor is relatively far from the operator. VFP 4540 allows measurement screen dumps just by pressing a button. This is very convenient whenever measurements need to be recorded for quality and analysis purposes.

VFP 4540 software finds all active 4540 power analyzers in a domain and let’s you choose which one to remotely operate. Virtual Front Panel Software for 4540 has been tested on Windows™ XP. It is available free of charge. Re-distribution is permitted (if offered also free of charge).