Microlab - DC Blocks, Bias Tees, and Detector Mounts
DC Blocks

DC Blocks, Bias Tees, and Detector Mounts

Microlab DC Blocks are used to prevent the flow of direct current and low frequency current surges along the inner and/or the outer conductors of a transmission line, while permitting the unimpeded flow of RF signals. Applications include the blocking of current surges that can occur in subway tunnels and rail systems, at base-station/cell-sites during lightening storms, to route DC to tower mounted amplifiers (TMA’s) or whenever DC isolation is required. Units are available with a DC block on the inner and/or outer conductor, and all units are built with special attention to effects of PIM.

Products Available

HR-20DInner, 250 - 2700 MHz, 7-16 (m-f)
HR-20NInner, 380 - 2700 MHz, N-type (m-f)
HR-21DOuter, 380 - 2700 MHz, 7-16 (m-f)
HR-21NOuter, 380 - 2700 MHz, N-type (m-f)
HR-22DIn/outer, 380 - 2500 MHz, 7-16 (m-f)
HR-22NIn/outer, 380 - 2700 MHz, N-type (m-f)
HR-25DInner, 380 - 2700 MHz, 7-16 (m-f)
HR-25NInner, 380 - 2700 MHz, N-type (m-f)
HR-28DInner/Outer, 380 - 2700 MHz, 7-16 (m-f)
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